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Dr Ash Routen

Photo of Dr Ash Routen

Research Associate in Physical Activity and Public Health

Dr Ash Routen completed a BSc in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Exeter in 2007, and went on to obtain an MSc with distinction in Sport and Health Sciences in 2008 from the same institution. In 2013 Ash completed a PhD at the University of Worcester in the area of measurement and promotion of physical activity in children, with a focus on accelerometry.

Before joining Loughborough in January 2015, Ash spent three years at Durham University where he jointly coordinated the largest ever randomised controlled trial of school based interventions to increase physical activity and well-being of students at the start of secondary school (

Ash currently coordinates CLASS PAL (, an NIHR CLAHRC EM funded classroom physical activity intervention in primary schools.

Ash’s research focuses on a) issues associated with the objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour; and b) the development of interventions to reduce prolonged sitting and improve levels of physical activity in children.

Ash is currently actively involved with research in the following areas:

  • Development and evaluation of the feasibility and/or implementation of school-based physical activity/sedentary behaviour interventions (i.e. physically active learning, school running programmes, standing desks)
  • Validity and reliability of wearable sensors for measuring physical activity and sitting (Children and Adults)

International collaborators

Heather Erwin and Aaron Beighle (University of Kentucky, USA); Hugo Sarmento (University of Coimbra, Portugal).

Invited peer review for journals

Annals of Human Biology, BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies, BMC Public Health, Child, Care, Health and Development, Ergonomics, European Journal of Sports Science, Gait and Posture, Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise and Physical Education Research, Health Education and Behavior, International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , International Sports Med Journal, Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness, Journal of Human Kinetics, Journal of Internet Medical Research, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Obesity Reviews, Pediatric Exercise Science, Pediatric Research, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, Sensors.

Invited peer review for funding bodies

Medical Research Council UK (MRC), Methodology Research Panel; National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care East Midlands (CLAHRC EM); Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity Research Fund, Project Grant.

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Book chapters

Routen, A. C. (Forthcoming). Measuring Physical Activity and Obesity Through Childhood. In R. Mecalf & C. Mackintosh (Eds.), Researching Difference in Sport and Physical Activity: Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society. ISBN-10: 1138289965.