School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


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Sport and Exercise Nutrition Research Group

The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Research Group aims to investigate the nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise, the interaction between diet, exercise and health, and the influence of various nutritional interventions on sports performance.

Areas of particular interest include;

  1. Understanding the aetiology of fatigue during exercise in a variety of environmental conditions
  2. Diet/exercise interventions to modulate performance and the physiological adaptation to training in athletes
  3. The interaction between diet and exercise on appetite regulation
  4. Diet/exercise interventions to improve metabolic health in the elderly, obese and type 2 diabetics

This research combines whole body interventions with detailed analysis of blood, sweat, urine, muscle and adipose tissue. In many of these studies we apply a wide range of sophisticated analytical techniques, including the use of stable isotope tracers to determine in vivo substrate (glucose, lipid or amino acid) and water turnover rates.

People in the group

Emeritus staff

PhD Graduates

  • Emma Clapp
    Research area: Effect of exercise on muscle atrophy and signalling pathways in chronic kidney disease patients.
  • Javad Fallah
    Research area: Effect of dehydration on muscular strength and endurance.
  • Normah Jusoh
    Research area: Hydration and fluid balance
  • Tom Love
    Research area: Salt balance in athletes.