School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


a coach and a girl's football team

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Research

Teachers, coaches and professional education

Teachers and Teacher Education


  • Teachers' Lives and Careers School-based Teacher Research
  • Teacher Education and the Social Construction of Gender
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • The Teacher's Role in Curriculum Development
  • Coach Education

Current and Recently Completed Projects

  • Gender positioning in learning to teach physical education (Evans/Rich)
  • PE teachers' training, professional development and experiences of health-related exercise (Ward/ Cale/ Webb)

Recent publications

  • Sandford, R.A., Duncombe, R. & Armour, K.M. (2008) The role of physical activity/sport in tackling youth disaffection and anti-social behaviour. Educational Review, 60, 4, 419-435.

Teaching and Curriculum Development


  • School-based Interventions to implement Instructional models
  • Promoting healthy, active lifestyles
  • Curriculum and policy development
  • International and comparative studies
  • Assessment through ICT
  • E-education

Current and Recently Completed Projects

  • Health, fitness and activity monitoring in the school curriculum (Chen/ Harris/ Cale)
  • Supporting E-learning communities in ITT-PE (Waring/ Travers)
  • The role of the physical education and school sport workforce in delivering public health outcomes (2009 to date)
  • Achieving ‘high quality’ pupil outcomes in physical education (2005-2009)
  • Supporting physical education trainees in working with pupils for whom English is an Additional Language (2005-2007)
  • Supporting secondary schools in the effective promotion of physical activity (2010-12)

Recent Publications

  • Cale, L., & Harris, J. (2011): 'Every child (of every size) matters' in physical education! Physical education's role in childhood obesity. Sport, Education and Society. DOI:10.1080/13573322.2011.601734.
  • Cale, L. & Harris, J. (2011). Learning about health through physical education and youth sport. In K. Armour (ed). Sport Pedagogy. An Introduction for Teaching and Coaching. Pearson Education, pp. 53-64.
  • Harris, J. (2010). Health-Related Physical Education. In R. Bailey (ed.),Physical Education for Learning: A Guide for Secondary Schools (pp. 26-36). London: Continuum.
  • Harris, J., Cale, L., & Musson, H. (2011). The effects of a professional development programme on primary school teachers' perceptions of physical education. Professional Development in Education, 37(2): 291-305.
  • Harris, J., Cale, L. & Musson, H. (2011). The predicament of primary physical education: a consequence of 'insufficient' ITT and 'ineffective' CPD? Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy. DOI:10.1080/17408989.2011.582489.
  • Cale, L., & Harris, J. (2009). Ofsted – ‘brief encounters of a second kind’?! Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 14(1): 41-58.
  • Cale, L., & Harris, J. (2009). Fitness testing in physical education – a misdirected effort in promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 14(1): 89-108.

Programme Evaluation Projects


  • The evaluation of the impact of the TOP Programmes on Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools in England (Harris, Cale & Musson) (2003-2008)
  • The NOF Physical Education and Sport Initiative (Armour et al)
  • Monitoring the impact of school sport co-ordinator programme training (pilot phase) (Armour et al)

Completed projects

  • K. Armour with Dr Mary Nevill, Prof. Barrie Houlihan, Mr Len Almond, Mr Andreas Cebulla & Paul Warmington [Nottingham University]. January 2003 - 2009. 6 year BLF project. 
    Evaluation of the NOPES Initiative.
    Amount: £ 998,853
  • K. Armour with Dr Mary Nevill, Prof. Barrie Houlihan, Mr Len Almond, Mr Andreas Cebulla & Paul Warmington [Nottingham University]. 6 years: Sport England project. September 2003 - 2009
    Evaluation of the School Sport Partnerships.
    Amount: £ 726,801


Coaching and Coach Education


  • Understanding the nature of the coaching process
  • Coach education, coach learning, mentoring and professional development
  • Coach behaviour and learning environments
  • Talent identification and performance analysis

Current and Recently Completed Projects

  • Coach Learning and Development, Literature review (Sports Coach UK)
  • Coaching and Mentoring Provision Evaluation and Review (Army Recruitment and Training Directorate-MoD)
  • School Sport Coaching Programme Evaluation (Youth Sport Trust)
  • Coaches’ Experiential Learning in Professional Sport (Harlequins RFC & Leicester City FC)

Selected Publications

  • Kay, T. and Bass, D. (2011). The Family Factor; in Bailey, R. and Stafford, I. Coaching Children in Sport; London:Routledge
  • Fitzgerald, H. and Bass, D. (2007). Disability, sport and exercise in J. Merchant, B.L.Griffin, A. Charnock (Eds). Sport and Physical Activity. The Role of Health Promotion . Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan
  • Lyle, J., & Cushion, C. J. (in-press) (Eds). Sports coaching: Professionalism and practice. London: Elsevier.
  • Jones, R.L., Potrac, P., Cushion, C. & Ronglan, L.T. (in press) (Eds.) A sociological analysis of sports coaching. London: Routledge.
  • Cushion, C. J. .(2007) Modelling the complexity of the coaching process. International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching 2(4):395-401.