School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


a coach and a girl's football team

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy Research

Policy, pedagogy, equity and identity


  • Physical education, school sport and re-engaging disaffected youth (Sandford/Waring/Evans)
  • Health, education and identity (Cale/Harris/Evans)
  • Young people's experiences in sport (Sandford/Bradbury/Hill/Evans)
  • Gender, Class and embodied Identity (Hill/Sandford/Evans)


  • Education, Health Imperitives and disordered eating (Evans/Rich/DePian)
  • Policy, Pedagogy, Equity and Inclusion (Evans/Penney/Cale/Harris)
  • Early Years learning, Class, Culture and Embodiment (Evans/Sandford/Duncombe/Stirrup)


Recent publications

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