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Paediatric Exercise Physiology Research Group

Paediatric Exercise Physiology Research Group

This group is generally interested in exploring the unique physiological and biochemical responses of children and adolescents to exercise.

Much of the work conducted by this group to date has involved profiling the characteristics and development of young elite athletes.

Studies have also been undertaken investigating the physiological determinants of endurance performance in young people. The group also has a focus on the potential interaction between exercise and fat metabolism in young people. The influence of exercise on postprandial lipaemia has been examined as well as the influence of either structured exercise training or participation in regular physical activity on the health of young people.

People in the group

School staff

  • Dr Mary Nevill

PhD students

  • Heita Goto
    Research area: Physiological characteristics of elite academy footballers with respect to age and maturity
    Telephone: 01509 226351
  • Vikki Leslie
    Research area: A multi-disciplinary investigation of the characteristics of young elite male and female hockey players
    Telephone: 01509 226351
  • Alice Thackray
    Research area: The effect of exercise and energy-intake restriction interventions on postprandial lipaemia in children and adolescents.
    Telephone: 01509 226351
  • Julia Zakrzewski
    Research area: Manipulation of exercise and diet to influence substrate metabolism in children and adolescents.
    Telephone: 01509 226352

PhD graduates

  • Mark Hulse
    Research area: Research area: A longitudinal study of elite male child and adolescent academy football players.
  • Persephone Wynn
    Research area: Physiological characteristics of elite adolescent female athletes with respect to age and maturity.