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Centre for Global Health and Human Development

Key interests

Current research programmes concentrate on the human at both ends of the ageing spectrum: during growth and development and during old age and senescence. Funding is primarily through the Wellcome Trust, the EU, EPSRC, the MOD centre for human sciences and the Defence Clothing and Textile Agency in the UK with some local funding in South Africa through the South African Medical Research Council and the Anglo-American Corporation.

Human Growth and Development

Determinants of risk factors for the metabolic syndrome; Nutritional Transition; Urbanisation, Socio-economic status and child growth; Factors affecting the initiation of puberty; The growth and health of South Asians in the UK; Physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

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Applied Cognitive Research

Development of highly sensitive computerized cognitive tests; Cognitive testing of the elderly for dementia studies; Measuring the effects of nutritional supplements (e.g. caffeine, soy products) on cognition and sports performance; Assessing the relationship between cognitive function and sports performance in athletes with learning disabilities.

Maternal and Child Health

The effect of infectious and parasitic diseases on child malnutrition in Bangladesh; the changing health status of Aboriginal children in Australia; a longitudinal study of activity during pregnancy.

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Screening for metabolic and respiratory diseases; study of mitochondrial DNA in Indian populations for genetic diversity and disease analysis; molecular genetic analysis of contemporary populations in the UK with reference to imprints left by main land European invasions; analysis of the genetic basis of successful ageing.

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Bone Health and Ageing

Associations between diurnal corisol patterns, bone density and psychological traits; environment and fall risk in the elderly; effects of an exercise programme in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Hormones, Nutrition and Age-Related Cognitive Decline and Dementia

Early diagnoses of dementia; associations between hormone levels and cognitive function; modifiable risk factors (e.g. homocysteine levels) for age-related cognitive decline and dementia.

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The Loughborough Alumni Health Study

A study of 1200 men assessed as young adults and again 30 to 40 years later.

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