School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


Centre for Gymnastics Research

The Centre for Gymnastics Research aims to gain an understanding of the techniques used in gymnastics skills from a perspective of sports biomechanics and motor control research.

Such investigations can explain, for example, how a twist may be introduced into a somersault after takeoff, can quantify the contributions of various twisting techniques to actual performances, and can determine the extent to which twisting somersaults can be controlled by means of in-flight corrections.

The research undertaken at Loughborough University in collaboration with British Gymnastics, over more than 30 years, has applications in the coaching and performance of gymnastic movements. These applications have been incorporated into the coach education programme of British Gymnastics and the International Gymnastics Federation.

The Centre makes use of Loughborough University's world class facilities for gymnastics situated in the Performance Centre.

For more information visit the Centre for Gymnastics Research webpage