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Yannis Chatzopoulos

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Ioannis is a part-time postgraduate research student who is based in Athens. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of La Verne, California (2001) and an MA in Sport, Politics and Society from the University of Warwick, UK (2002). His academic interests focus on the Scandinavian sports policy (with specialization in Denmark), sport sociology, immigration policy and international relations. He is the director of the Greek bi-monthly political magazine ‘New Politics’ and a member of the Danish European Community Studies Association (ECSA-DK).

Project information
Designing Sport and Citizenship in Denmark: Immigrants, Disabled People and Social Integration

Denmark developed and implemented sport programmes designed to:   

i) strengthen the bonding between society and people from a different social, national and religious background;

ii) develop a therapeutic platform for people with disabilities.

The increased prevalence of policies and projects concerned with the engagement of immigrants and disabled people reflect the increased importance the state attributes to identifying the mechanisms that maintain social cohesion and confront the danger of marginalization.

For this research project, the specific research questions are: 

i) how flexible and capable is the decentralized Danish sport system in providing policies that facilitate social integration and respect  for the human rights of immigrants and disabled people, thus paving the way open the road to full citizenship?

ii) what is the contribution of each participant in terms of resources, distribution, strategies, lobbying and collaboration?