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Toby Woolway

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Having graduated from the University of Glamorgan in 2012 with a 1stClass degree in Sports Psychology, Toby took the MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise at Loughborough University, graduating with a distinction.  After taking a year out from studying, Toby returned to Loughborough to undertake a PhD with Dr Chris Harwood.  He is a keen Rugby Union player and spent a year of his undergraduate degree studying at the University of South Florida.

Project information

An Examination of Gaining Entry in Sport Psychology

Gaining entry into employment as a Sport Psychologist is a crucial stage in any intervention and consultancy process, yet it is one that has yet to be the focus of study. This project aims to examine the process of gaining entry as a Sport Psychologist from previously unstudied perspectives and with novel research designs to elicit a deeper understanding of this phase of consultancy.