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Thomas Ward

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PhD student

Start Date: July 2016

Primary Supervisor: Dr Martin Lindley

Secondary Supervisor(s): Dr Richard Ferguson / Professor M Steiner

Tom graduated from Imperial College London Medical School in 2012 and went on to complete his foundation and core medical training in the East Midlands Deanery. He has a 1st Class Honours BSc in Immunity and Infection and an interest in respiratory medicine. In 2016 he accepted a PhD at Loughborough to study the effects of eccentric exercise in COPD.

Project Title: The feasibility and effectiveness of lower limb eccentric training in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Patients with COPD are limited in their ability to exercise by breathlessness and as such are not able to maximise the benefits of traditional exercise programmes. Eccentric exercises involve muscle lengthening and require less power and therefore less oxygen but have still been shown to increase muscle strength. The aim of this study will be to compare eccentric and concentric training programmes in patients with COPD to determine their effectiveness.