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Svenja Wachsmuth

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Svenja Wachsmuth graduated from the European Masters Program in Sports and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and Leipzig University (Germany) in 2014; thus, holding a double-degree as M.Sc. Sports Psychology and M.Sc. Diagnostic and Intervention. She previously graduated with a B.Sc. Psychology from the University in Regensburg (Germany). Her research interests are in the field of coach-athlete relationship, leadership and group dynamics. Svenja is furthermore the country representative for Germany in the European Network of Young Specialists in Sports Psychology (ENYSSP).Her sport background is in Equestrian, but she also enjoys playing Lacrosse and any kind of winter sports.

Project information

Interpersonal Conflict in Sports Coaching

The coach-athlete relationship is commonly considered as the most significant relationship within sports. Effective relationships are usually described by working close together, understanding and supporting each other, just as by showing mutual respect and a positive attitude towards the collaboration. However, not every relationship works effectively; misunderstandings, conflicts or arguments are rather likely to happen. That said, the current research project is aiming to develop a comprehensive model of interpersonal conflict considering antecedences, underlying processes as well as consequences within the frame of the coach-athlete relationship.