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Rowan Rimington

Photo of  Rowan Rimington

PhD Student

Rowan completed his BSc in Applied Sport Science and Coaching in 2012 at Northumbria University, prior to undertaking an MSc in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University in 2013. Rowan’s research project investigated the effect of mono-sodium idoacetate on skeletal muscle cellsin-vitro as a value added project to the Centre for Sport Exercise & Osteoarthritis.

Rowan is currently completing his PhD within a Micro-CDT in bespoke flow reactors under the supervision of Professor Mark Lewis and Dr. Steve Christie.

Project information

Development of Bespoke Microfluidic Flow Reactors: Additive Manufacturing and The Cell

Current research will focus on the practical applications of flow reactor technology to cell culture and screening/diagnostics respectively, including the application of established chemistries for protein, antibody and cell immobilisation to additively manufactured flow reactors for screening, purification and molecular diagnostics applications. Expertise in cell culture and tissue growth will be utilised in order to conduct whole-cell assays in flow. Here cells will be continually monitored, enabling direct assessment of drugs and other parameters on the cells.