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Nash Naharudin

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PhD student


Nash graduated with distinction in BSpSc Exercise Physiology from Malaya University in 2010. For his final year project, he investigated the effect of hypohydration on anaerobic exercise’s fatigue rate among collegiate athletes and managed to publish his finding in PLoS journal. Nash went on to further this research to investigate the metabolite changes during 10-consecutive days under nutrition deprivation for his MPhil in the same university. Nash is currently undertaking the Dual-PhD program between Loughborough and Malaya University where focus on hormone regulation and neurophysiology aspect of central peripheral fatigue were become the main focus at this stage.


Title: The effect of caloric and fluid restriction on appetite regulation and neuromuscular fatigue

This study is aimed to quantify the involvement of hormonal regulation as well as peripheral and central neuromuscular systems. The findings of this study would be useful for athletes and coaches as guidelines to optimize performance.

External Activities:

The University Book Award 2010.


Naharudin MN, Ashril Yusof. 2013. Fatigue Index and Fatigue Rate during an Anaerobic Performance under Hypohydrations. PLoS ONE 8(10): e77290. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0077290 (ISI-Cited Publication)

Naharudin MN, Zahir MZ, Ramliy N, Yusof A. 2010. Acute Effects of Hypohydration on Muscle Anaerobic Peak Power and Strength. Journal of Sports Science and Technology. 10 (2): pp. 107-110. (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)

Naharudin N, Yaakub Z, Lim BH, Teo EW & Bita S. 2013. Acute Effects of Strength Based and Running- Based Warming Up on Vertical Jump Performance. Coaching Journal, Vol, 1, Issue 1: 19-23. (Non-ISI/Non-SCOPUS Cited Publication)

Poster Abstract:

Naharudin MN, Yusof A. The effect of 10-day continuous caloric restriction on fuel utilization cross-over during high intensity aerobic performance. Asean Sports Medicine Conference, 28-29 November, 2015.

Keywords for Discipline and Research Area: 

Sports Nutrition, Caloric Restriction in Exercise, Neurophysiology in Sports.