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Mohsen Sayyah

Photo of  Mohsen Sayyah

PhD Student

Start Date: January 2014

Primary Supervisor: Dr Michael Hiley

Secondary Supervisor(s): Professor Fred Yeadon / Dr Mark King

Mohsen graduated in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in heat transfer and fluid mechanics in Iran in 2009. As a sportsman with a background in Basketball, Judo, and Bodybuilding, he was always seeking to use his engineering skills in sporting movements. He then studied MSc Sports Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University in 2012. Following this, Mohsen started his PhD at Loughborough University, researching the variability and control in springboard diving in the Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control Research Group. During his PhD, as a teaching assistant, he has taught modules such as Sports Biomechanics, Acquiring Movement Skills, Motor Control of Sports Movements, and Academic and Professional Skills.

Project Title:


Variability and Control in Springboard Diving


Project Summary:

Mohsen’s research interests lie in the areas of sports biomechanics and motor control. He is attempting to understand the mechanics of technique in springboard diving and how aspects of motor control influence and limit diving performance.

Elite springboard divers typically make very precise and reproducible movements when they perform the same dive many times. However, variability is always present in both technique and outcome. Mohsen’s current research interest is to investigate whether movement variability has a functional role in diving performance.


Mohsen is also interested in the application of biomechanics to strength and conditioning.