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Mohsen Sayyah

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PhD Student


Mohsen graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Iran. As a sportsperson he was always seeking to combine his engineering skills and sports background.

He came to the UK in 2011 and studied MSc Sports Engineering in Sheffield Hallam University. As his MSc project was the variability of the tennis ball bounce, he was interested in studying the variability of human movement.

Project information

The variability of the diver’s movement on springboard

When a diver repeats the same dive, there is a certain amount of variation between its subsequent repetitions, regardless of how good or poor he/she is performing it.

A biomechanical analysis of springboard diving is the aim of this study, not only to quantify the movement variability of the diver, also to investigate a potential source of information in the process of analysing and monitoring the diver’s biomechanical quality such as diver’s strategy to minimise the variation.