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Jordan Elliott-King

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PhD student


Jordan did her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Loughborough University. Due to her keen interest in Basketball Jordan decided to explore a dissertation topic in team sport athletes. This looked at the influence of critical comments on team sport athletes’ eating behaviours. Following this, Jordan opted to do an MRes in Psychology again at Loughborough. Throughout Jordan’s masters she also worked as a Healthcare assistant and St. Andrews Healthcare. This enabled Jordan to gain valuable experience working with people of all ages facing different mental health problems. Jordan’s work with people who had dementia, specifically, inspired her PhD work. 


Jordan’s PhD investigates exercise for people with dementia. Following her work with dementia diagnostics in her masters, Jordan utilizes her knowledge of cognitive assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of exercise as a medicine for dementia. Furthermore, Jordan is exploring how to help people with dementia to better access exercise. Therefore her PhD by the end could offer a full picture of exercising with people who have dementia, how to navigate the barriers to exercise that are specific to this population and then how to assess whether the exercise is having a positive effect on the dementia itself.

External Activities:

Alongside the PhD, Jordan enjoys teaching and delivers visit day presentations to promote the University. Additionally, Jordan works with Alzheimer’s Research UK as part of the midlands network. This role includes arranging public outreach events, scientific gatherings, disseminating research news around the network and working with other network centres to support dementia research throughout the region. Through this role Jordan was able to arrange Loughborough’s own Dementia Awareness Day this past May, which had a hugely positive effect on the relationships with various community services and has helped to support Loughborough becoming a dementia friendly community.  Jordan also works with MindForYou, who offer holidays for people with dementia and their carers; delivering exercises as well as looking at the effects of the holidays on carer strain.


Elliott-King, J., Shaw, S., Bandelow, S., Devshi, R., Kassam, S. & Hogervorst, E. (2016). A critical literature review of the effectiveness of various instruments in the diagnosis of dementia in adults with intellectual disabilities. Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring.

Devshi, R., Shaw, S., Elliott-King, J., Hogervorst, E., Hiremath, A., Velayudhan, L. & Bandelow, S. (2015). Prevalence of Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Individuals with Learning Disabilities. Diagnostics, 5(4), 564-576.

Keywords for Discipline and Research Area:

Dementia, Cognition, Exercise, Diagnostics, Screening, Assessment