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Jisan (Ryan) Son

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Jisan Son first came to study at Bristol, Clifton College when he was 13. He won many art and design competitions along the way and earned a Merit during his Masters at Brunel University London. Every single project during his Bachelor’s and Master degree feature a range of studies involved with older adults. He is not only aspired to become an expert in ageing studies but also an inspiring Professor.


Title: Designing for adaptation in homes to stimulate mental and physical activity for older adults.

The identity and well-being of ageing people are critical in ensuring that they are healthy at home and with suitable residential care facilities during different stages of life. From recent years, reports indicate that over 60 percent of elderly people experience age-related complications. Various theories have put forward some ways through which these complications affect the quality of life for the seniors in different stages of life. This research aims to design and implement innovative strategies to homes for older adults to maintain their physical and mental health.

Keywords for Discipline and Research Area: 

Innovation, ageing studies, Dementia, Smart housing, Design