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Jedidah Tetteh

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PhD student


Jedidah completed her BSc degree at the University of Ghana in Nutrition and Food Science and went on to gain a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Chester.

Jedidah is passionate about Public Health Nutrition and helping the vulnerable groups in society. Jedidah believes in the vision of The World Food Programme which states that the first 1000 days of life are the most important in tackling malnutrition.  She is also helping to attain the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana.

Jedidah loves to impact knowledge so she enjoys lecturing.  She also enjoys travelling, swimming and dancing.


Research Title: The relationship between female autonomy and maternal and child health in Ghana 

The project seeks to explore the female’s ability to generate an income in urban low-income households which extends to decision-making surrounding the health and nutrition of mothers and their young children.

Keywords for Discipline and Research Area: 

Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition, Food Science