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In’utu Jacqueline Mubanga

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PhD Student

Miss In’utu Jacqueline Mubanga, has worked and studied in sport at its varied levels for the past 12 years.  She is a Sport Management trained professorial who has worked for an institution of higher learning (University of Zambia), local community football teams, athletes and sport development organizations at both international and community level. She currently holds the CIES International master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport (FIFA MA).

Project information
Mega sporting events: Assessing the developmental potential for emerging economies, like Zambia.

This research project will try to explore the potential economic benefits of Mega Sporting Events and Continental Sporting Events for emerging economies, such as Zambia, while, examining the best practices of fellow African countries who have been hosts of such events, in order to assess the developmental potential of using sports as a tool to drive foreign direct investment (FDI) in mostly natural resource driven economies.