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Harish Kumar

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PhD Student

Prior to joining Loughborough university, qualifications include Masters in physical activity and Health from Institute of sports science and sports, Friedrich Alexander University, Germany (2014) and Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Bangalore Medical college, Bangalore, India. Experience of working in research projects with a focus on health promotion in Heidelberg and Friedrich Alexander universities, Germany and  as physiotherapist for more than 7 years in India and Germany.

Project information
Health and fitness provision: From facilities’ strategic management to local populations’ health, well-being and social outcomes.

Project work is inspired due to the lack of knowledgeconcerning how alternative forms of sports facility provision influences sports and physical activity participation behavior and its impacts. The project will focus upon how differences in private and public sector provision of health and fitness activities affects end-users health, well-being and perspectives of social inclusion.

The research aims to provide a multilevel analysis:

1) Impact of the strategic priorities of sport providers, and their enterprises’ implementation of these strategic priorities.

2)The resulting impact on their facility users sporting behavior and satisfaction, and consequent impact on their health, well-being and citizenship.