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Fearghal Behan

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PhD student

Fearghal achieved a first class honours in his undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health in Dublin City University. He subsequently completed an accelerated M. Sc. in Physiotherapy in Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. He has many years of experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist both publically and privately in Ireland and the UK, dealing primarily with sports injuries.

Project information
Neuromechanics of explosive performance for movement control and joint stabilisation: acute and chronic responses to exercise

The rapid production of force by skeletal muscle is important to stabilize joints and prevent joint injury in sports and daily life. Joint injury is an important predisposing factor in the development of OA. The main themes of this project will be to better understand: (a) the role of explosive force production and its underlying neuromechanics in movement control and joint stabilisation and (b) the effect of acute and chronic exercise on explosive force production, movement control and joint stabilisation. This will be investigated utilising a range of neuromuscular and biomechanical techniques including isokinetic dynamometry, motion analysis, inverse dynamics and electromyography amongst others.