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Bethan Hussey

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PhD Student

Bethan completed a degree in Human Biology with First Class Honours at Loughborough University in 2014, with a Diploma in Professional studies. The diploma was awarded for a one year industrial placement completed at Abbott Diabetes Care during her third year of studies. In her undergraduate final year, Bethan researched the genetic association between a SNP (rs531564) in a gene coding for microRNA hsa-miR-142a and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The postgraduate research Bethan is undertaking is part of the Translational Chemical Biology Mini-Centre for Doctoral Training which aims to assess the “Chemical Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel naturally informed anti-inflammatory agents”. Bethan is co-supervised by Dr Sarabjit Mastana (SSEHS), Dr Liz Akam (SSEHS) and Dr Jim Reynolds (Department of Chemistry).

Project information 
Epigenetic impact and mechanistic evaluation of bioactive lipid derived mediators
  • Measurement of biological activity of inflammatory mediators from cell culture work.
  • Association and impact of genetic polymorphism on biological activity.
  • Assessment of the epigenetic impact of lipid derived mediators.