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Anni Pekie

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PhD student

Anni is a German citizen who moved to the UK to pursue higher education. She graduated from Durham University in 2013 with BA in English Literature and Sport. She then completed her MSc at Loughborough University in 2014. Her master’s research project focused on using the social theories of Erving Goffman to explain how football fans negotiate their identity and performance on the terraces.

After leaving the university bubble for a year, Anni returned to Loughborough in October 2015 to undertake a full-time PhD supervised by Dr. Borja Garcia and Dr. Emily Keightley.

Project Title: Football supporters’ activism: Nostalgia, communication and citizenship against ‘modern football’ governance

Project Summary:  The PhD is part of a mini-CDT on Sport and Citizenship across the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and the Department of Geography. The particular aim of this project is to explore how and why football supporters pursue active citizenship and how, if at all, they are empowered in that process. Particular attention will be paid to how fans establish communication networks and how collective remembering and nostalgia are used in the process of protest against ‘modern football’. Research will be undertaken with two or more case studies from English and German football.