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Andrew Brinkley

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PhD student

Andrew graduated from the University of Derby in 2010 with a BSc in Sport Psychology and Physical Activity & Health and further attained an MRes in Sport Science (Sport Psychology) at Nottingham Trent University graduating with a distinction in 2011. He then chose to take a short break from academia to pursue an elite canoeing career. Due to nature of his research Andrew has a broad range of research interests which center around sport, exercise, health and organizational psychology. In addition to his research investigating ‘The promotion of individual and organizational health through team sport participation’, Andrew currently teaches within the Year 2 individual differences module. Outside of University, Andrew races on road cycles and time trials, both a regional and national level.  

Project information
Promoting of individual and organizational health through team sport participation

Andrews’s research will map the health, well-being and productivity benefits team sport holds for small, medium and large enterprise in the UK. It is hoped, the outcomes of such research will inform interventions and policy for promoting team sport, physical activity, health and wellbeing. Results will identify which positive work/health related outcomes exists as a result of workplace team sport, and what environmental, social and behavioral enabler and challenges facilitate the successful/unsuccessful involved in team sport for the individual/organization.