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Adam Morton

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Adam studied Physiology at the University of Edinburgh and subsequently gained a PGCE and Masters degree from the Institute of Education, London. A teacher of Physical Education, he is a contributing author for the A-Level PE magazine 'PE Review' and is currently completing part-time research into sport and physical education in independent schools under the supervision of Professor John Evans and Professor Alan Bairner.

Project information
Characteristics of Elite Sports Climates in Independent Schools: An Appreciative Enquiry

In 2012 the Sutton Trust published figures highlighting the number of British Olympic medal winners educated at private schools. Figures the Chairman of the British Olympic Association, Lord Moynihan, described as “one of the worst statistics in British Sport”. Aside from the inevitable cries to overhaul PE, it also raises the question of what we can learn from schools which consistently nurture elite sports performers. 

This research has two primary themes:

1. What do the sporting experiences of independent school pupils look like, which of these characteristics are shared amongst schools which consistently excel in this field and is it possible to identify a model of sporting excellence from this?

 2. What is the impact of this focus on high performance sport on pupils’ experiences of school more broadly, and on the future of the physical education profession within the independent sector?