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Abdul Rahim Al Droushi

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Abdul graduated with a Bachelor of Education in the field of Physical Education from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU- Oman) in 2004. After two years of working as a demonstrator in SQU, he went to Australia to undertake a Masters of Business in the field of International Sport and Recreation Management at The University of Queensland. Abdul became interested in sport policy in Oman when he lectured for three years in SQU in sport and recreation management modules. In April 2013, he received a PhD scholarship through SQU to start his studies at Loughborough University in 2013.

Project information
Discourses on Modernisation Agenda in Sport Policy in Oman: between global and local; authenticity and modernity

The qualitative research traces the emergence, development, and current status of sport policy in Oman. It also focuses on examining sport modernisation process in Oman as product of modernity and authenticity debates, local and global dynamics. The research aims to uncover how discourse on modernity and authenticity, global and local, have shaped/ constructed/ legitimised modernisation of elite sport and sport for all in different phases of contemporary Omani history.