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Thomas Smith

“There is a lot more to Loughborough than just the degree and I would urge anyone to find the time and get involved.”

Thomas Smith

Year of Study




Why did you choose to do your MSc at Loughborough?

I chose to come to Loughborough due to its reputation, the connections that I could make and its link with high class sports. 

What undergraduate course did you study and where?

I previously studied at Cardiff Metropolitan University and graduated with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science.

How are you funding your degree?

I funded my degree by taking out career development loan.

What do you enjoy most about your degree?

Meeting a range of other students from different cultural backgrounds was definitely a highlight of the degree as I have been able to make many contacts and friends from this experience. 

What do you think of the facilities?

The research facilities that I have had the pleasure of using are very modern and have a range of different equipment that we are able to use throughout the degree, especially when undertaking our dissertations.

What kind of exciting things do you get to do on your course?

We were involved in a lot practical lab work throughout the year which was very interesting, especially when it came to using equipment such as a hydrostatic weighing tank and DEXA scanner for the first time. 

What would you say to someone considering studying your degree?

Get as much experience as you can; look at all that Loughborough has to offer such as the volunteering and coaching programs. Help as many people as possible and be bold to ask for opportunities to get involved.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

Currently I am looking at a career in sport development, either through working at a school or working for an organisation that helps to provide sporting and volunteering opportunities for everyone. My degree has obviously given me the knowledge that I may need to progress in the field, however the other opportunities I have taken such as helping with the volunteer academy has given me the experience vital for this work.

How has Loughborough University inspired you?

The University has inspired me and opened my eyes to the other areas of sport that I would be able to progress into. There is a lot more to Loughborough than just the degree and I would urge anyone to find the time and get involved.