School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


2 Jun 2015

Prestigious British Psychological Society Prize for Loughborough postgraduate

The School’s newly appointed  Graduate Intern in Sport Psychology, Julie Blackwood, who studied both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate at Loughborough University, has been awarded the British Psychological Society Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc dissertation prize.

The award recognises the best research project submitted across all MSc programmes in Sport & Exercise Psychology within the UK for that academic year.

On receiving the prize, Julie commented: “I am delighted to be chosen as the recipient of this award. It is brilliant to have my work recognised and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor Dr Chris Harwood for his guidance throughout the project.”

Julie’s research was entitled “Psychosocial skill development in elite youth tennis”  and investigated the mechanisms through which psychosocial skills are developed in high-level youth tennis and the sustained value and transferability of these skills in other life domains.

Julie’s work in sport psychology and tennis is now funded by the Tennis Foundation through an enterprise partnership with the School.