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23 Jul 2014

Loughborough at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Queen will formally open the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later today (23 July 2014) in front of a 40,000 crowd at Celtic Park.

Athletes from 71 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, including the home nations of the UK will compete in 17 sports.

As usual, Loughborough is strongly represented in the Games, with over 120 athletes representing 8 teams across 9 sports, having affiliations with the University.  The athletes comprise current students, alumni and staff members from Loughborough University and Loughborough College (Higher Education courses accredited by the University), including Sports Scholars. 

61 of these athletes are current University students or graduates, and among them are a number of students and graduates of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, namely:

  • Louise Bloor (Athletics)
  • Emily Diamond (Athletics)
  • Daniel Greaves (Athletics)
  • Isabelle Jeffs (Athletics)
  • Benji Pearson (Athletics)
  • Goldie Sayers (Athletics)
  • Sally Scott (Athletics)
  • Chris Thompson (Athletics)
  • Olivia Curran (Athletics)
  • Reagan Dee (Athletics)
  • Harriet Pryke (Athletics)
  • Zoe Brown (Athletics)
  • Ben Gregory (Athletics)
  • David Guest (Athletics)
  • Rhys Williams (Athletics)
  • David Condon (Hockey (Men))
  • Mark Gleghorne (Hockey (Men))
  • Barry Middleton (Hockey (Men))
  • Giselle Ansley (Hockey (Women))
  • Maddie Hinch (Hockey (Women))
  • Jade Clarke (Netball)
  • Michelle Drayne (Netball)
  • Becky James (Netball) – see profile
  • Daryl Selby (Squash)
  • Amy Smith (Swimming)
  • Matthew Wright (Triathlon) – see profile
  • Vicky Holland (Triathlon)
  • Carol Bridge (Triathlon)
  • Alex Matchett (Triathlon)

Loughborough athletes enjoyed an outstanding 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, winning a total of 44 medals across five sports. To put the scale of that success into perspective - if the University was a country, it would have contributed to 33 distinct Commonwealth medals - the same number as South Africa and the 8th highest medal total in the overall table.

The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences wishes all the Loughborough athletes well and hopes they have a great Games.

For more information about the Commonwealth Games visit:

To watch the video “Where Sport and Science Unite” on YouTube click here.