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Tandem - working together for performance excellence

Tandem is a powerful coach-athlete relationship and communication assessment tool for performance sport

The relationship developed between a coach and an athlete is fundamental to performance success. Examples of successful coaches point to their endless desire and capacity to unlock their athletes’ hidden potential in order to reach success.

Coaches are more likely to get the best out of their athletes and hence help them succeed when a genuine working relationship is formed. This interpersonal connection lies at the heart of effective coaching and defines successful coaching. Our research highlights that coach-athlete relationships that have positive intent and are purposeful are the most powerful.

Tandem is developed from extensive research at Loughborough University and helps to identify vulnerabilities and challenges that could limit performance. It is developed for coaches and athletes as well as for performance/psychology consultants and coach educators in mind.

Fast and accessible Tandem can identify and resolve any interpersonal issues that are holding coaches and athletes back, allowing their sporting relationship to go from strength to strength.


  • Quickly resolves relationship & communication challenges
  • Rapidly breaks down the barriers to effective coaching and performance success that interpersonal issues can cause
  • Troubleshoot interpersonal dynamics by understanding the current state of relationship quality
  • Get to the heart of coaches/athletes interpersonal issues with individualised insights that really resonate
  • Enhance management potential by empowering coaches and athletes to make a difference by considering the power of their relationships

 Key features

  • Provides a barometer of relationship quality and a gage of communication patterns,
  • Identifies potential differences between the ways you relate and communicate with others,
  • Highlights  issues around  relationship management and team dynamics and communication


  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching
  • Improving working relationships
  • Stress management

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  • Global impact 

    Tandem is based on world-leading research evidenced through numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, conference presentations and book chapters. In May 2012, the Journal of Coaching Education published an article entitled “Mapping the world of coaching science: A citation network analysis” and ranked the impact of this programme of research 2nd in the World and 1st in Europe. 

  • Global reach 

    Sports Coach UK, Aspire – Talent Coach Development Programme, British Cycling and UK Sport as well as businesses and organisations (both from the private and the public sector) nationally and internationally have engaged with Tandem. A number of workshops are delivered every year for coaches, athletes, and sport-related staff (e.g., sport psychology and performance consultants and coach educators) to highlight the main principles of Tandem and help coaches and athletes develop as well as maintain purposeful and successful relationships.