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Professor Susan Condor BSc Psychology (Wales) PhD (Bristol)

Photo of Professor Susan Condor

Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology

Susan Condor studied for her undergraduate degree at Cardiff University. After a period working in London with young people entering the Care system, she returned to academic life and took a PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Henri Tajfel and Howard Giles. She took up the post of Professor of Social Psychology at Loughborough in 2012, having previously worked at the Universities of Kent, Cardiff and Lancaster, where she was Director of the Place and Identity Research Group. She was a member of Panel A4 (Psychology, Psychiatry & Neuroscience) in the UK Research Excellence Framework, 2013.

Susan Condor’s research focuses on the related processes of self-representation and Othering. In 2015 she was awarded an MRC/Royal Society Suffrage Science prize for her pioneering work on collaborative processes in prejudice and discrimination. Current research interests include:

  • Processes of self-extension, including: Social identity; Collaborative processes in social cognition; Place attachment, and temporal aspects of identity. A good deal of Susan’s research has concentrated on the formation and communication of national and European identities. Her current research focuses more specifically on people’s relation to built and natural environments, including garden design, and social and therapeutic horticulture.
  • Prejudice and discrimination, including the use of historical narratives and images of place to communicate views about ‘outsiders’. Susan’s current work focuses on environmental discrimination, and on the ways in which constructs of ecology, environmentalism, conservation and biodiversity may be drawn upon in the course of arguments about social justice.
  • The history of social psychological concepts, including prejudice, the self, and the psychology of restorative environments.

Current grant: 

2016-2018 Sharing Wealth and Decisions in the EU: Identity and legitimacy (PI: Denis Sindic).





Prejudice and intergroup discrimination; Everyday understandings of historical events and processes; National consciousness and identity; Public attitudes and public opinion; Ambivalence and ideological dilemmas; Social psychological aspects of citizenship; Political inaction and apathy.

  • SSA102 Introduction to Social Psychology: self in social context.
  • SSC136  Advanced Social Psychology A: social psychology and social problems.
  • SSC137  Advanced Social Psychology B: public and interpersonal communication.
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