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CA for Beginners, 2nd February 2018

We normally run a one-day meeting for those who are interested in Conversation Analysis, and are perhaps starting to use it in their research. The day is informal, but includes two lectures, two hands-on data sessions, and a group exercise, with a self-test quiz at the end.


Registration is now open

Registration will be open to all. It costs £50, which pays for refreshments, but not lunch.
There are only 15 places (maximum), to make sure we can work on data as a group. Last year's meeting was popular, so we recommend booking early.
Please register through Loughborough University's online shop here.
What will happen
The day starts with an overview of where CA lies in the territory of discourse analysis, but then moves on quickly to giving you a hands-on feel for what it's like to analyse a piece of interaction very closely. We'll probably use some data from a medical encounter (of course, it will all be anonymised), but the principles will be general.
The idea is always to make sure that when you leave, you can confidently say that you know what CA is (and what it isn't); that you've tried your hand at some analysis; and that you've got a fair idea of what it's useful for. And hopefully that yoiu've enjoyed the day (people did, when we ran it the first time last year)
If it inspires you to use it in your own research, that's a bonus.
[By the way, if you're completely new to CA, you might like to skim through one or two pages of Charles's online CA tutorial to get a feel for what's involved].
Organisers: Charles Antaki and Marco Pino Please contact us for any queries.