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Scottish International Policing Conference 2017: Policing and Professionalisation: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr Karen Lumsden has been invited to present at The Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR) Scottish International Policing Conference on 14 December. Her paper will focus on policing, emotional labour and staff wellbeing: findings from an ethnography of a police force control room.

The theme of this year's conference is Police Professionalisation and Leadership. Police Services globally are currently facing a complex set of challenges with declining resources and a changing environment. In order to deal with this shifting terrain, a strong and competent workforce is required. This has been recognised by police forces across the UK and elsewhere including Australia, Canada, the US and also developing nations. The need to 'professionalise' the police service in order to face multiple demands has never been more critical. However the drive towards professionalisation and ensuring strong leadership remain multifaceted and there are numerous debates about the best ways in which this can be fully achieved. The aim of the SIPR conference this year is to draw attention to some of these debates.

Key themes will centre on engaging with evidence-based practice and how best to enhance knowledge and skills with people entering and remaining in the service in order to deal with the new operating environment in which they find themselves; values and ethics; and staff health and well-being.