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Media & Time Symposium

On 15-16 June the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture hosted a highly successful international symposium on Media and Time, organised by Emily Keightley, Sabina Mihelj and Peter Yeandle. In their contributions, presenters addressed the ways in which the media become involved in shaping human engagement with time. The symposium also featured three keynotes by renowned speakers: Deborah Chambers from Newcastle University, Paddy Scannell from the University of Michigan, and Barbie Zelizer from the University of Pennsylvania.

This was the last in the string of events organised this academic year to mark the launch of the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture. The success of the symposium serves as a confirmation of the quality and International resonance of our research in the area if Media, Memory and History, which is one of the six research themes covered by the CRCC.

The event also benefited from the support of Loughborough’s  Institute for Advanced Studies. 

For more information on the symposium please see here.