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Is there a future for liberal democracy in Central and Eastern Europe? Public Roundtable

16:30 U.0.0.5 Brockington Building

The region of Central and Eastern Europe has been recently experiencing significant democratic backsliding. The rise of authoritarian political parties and leaders to power in countries like Hungary or Poland has brought an unprecedented attack on key democratic institutions, including the media. The roundtable will elaborate on the factors behind the “illiberal turn” currently observed in these as well as other European countries, and will discuss the future prospects for liberal democracy in the region.


  • András Bozoki, Central European University
  • Miklós Sükösd, University of Copenhagen
  • Seán Hanley, University College London


  • Václav Štětka, Loughborough University

The roundtable will be preceded by short introduction to two new volumes on Central and Eastern Europe: “Social Media and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe” (ed. Pawel Surowiec & Václav Štětka) and “Media in Third-Wave Democracies” (ed. by Peter Bajomi–Lázár)

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