School of Business and Economics


Name: Rakhee Patel
Degree: BSc Economics
When: Third year

Rakhee found that her host University, HEC Montréal, were very supportive during her time studying there. There was also a student committee who were there to help Rakhee settle in, meet other students and organise trips for the new exchange students, which included trips to places in both Canada and America.

Key Quotes:
‘Studying abroad is best thing that I have ever done.’

‘It has enhanced my interpersonal skills, made me further self-confident and allowed me to learn of and within a new culture/environment.’

‘I have gained a sense of self accomplishment as I had spent a full year away without returning to England, made friends for life that I can visit across the world and provided me the opportunity to learn a new language.’

Tips for future exchange students:
Look at the pre-requisites when considering taking finance modules.

‘Take a mixture of modules and not just a lot of heavy and intense modules as when you first arrive, you need to settle down and you will need balance socialising/travelling with your work.’

‘The process of booking accommodation in Canada at HEC Montreal was quite easy.’

‘When making the applying, a deposit of about £200-300 was required.’

‘HEC Change organised socials, a Gala, trips to the beach, group challenges and trips to places in both Canada and America.’

Rakhee travelled to Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Washington and San Francisco.

Look out for Interstude – ‘Interstude was an organisation that catered for all universities in Montreal, which provided the opportunity to meet and learn from many new people from the different universities.’