School of Business and Economics


Name: Olivia Kincaid
Degree: BSc Accounting and Financial Management
When: Third year (6 + 6)

At the University of Western Australia, Olivia found that the contact hours were similar to Loughborough University; however, often your results for a module could be lowered if you don’t attend tutorials, labs or practical sessions. Olivia recommends living in Trinity College as they were very sociable and also offered a wide range of extra-curricular activities including yoga, Italian lessons, fitness sessions and surfing lessons all for free! Olivia credits her social and sporting experiences during her stay at University of Western Australia to living in Trinity as the hall she stayed in felt like one big family. 

Olivia has now graduated and is working for EY. The confidence and leadership skills she gained during her Study Abroad experience helped her to stand out during the recruitment process.

‘My Australian Exchange was, without doubt, the most challenging, enjoyable, rewarding and exciting experience I have ever had. Being independent and living in a foreign culture has allowed me to really grow as a person and has developed my sense of self-awareness.’

‘I will cherish every memory of my time in Western Australia for the rest of my life.’

‘The only things I regret about my study abroad are the weekends when I didn’t do anything.’

Tips for future exchange students:
Write down a lot of unit codes when applying for different modules.

‘Be aware that your student VISA will run out exactly a month after you finish studying.’

Be organised and apply to Colleges early.

‘Travel, travel, travel when you are there.’

‘Take a good camera.’

‘Pick UWA – you won’t regret it!’