School of Business and Economics


Name: Leah Fanning
Degree: BSc Accounting and Financial Management
When: Third year

Leah found that Grenoble Ecole De Management was an excellent university which was well organised and provided lots of useful information in the first couple of weeks. The structure of her year abroad, academically, was different to Loughborough, as in the first semester all International Business students took compulsory modules which meant that all her classes were with the same group of people, so she got to know her classmates well. 

‘Grenoble Ecole De Management is an excellent university, of a high calibre within France.’

‘Joining the football team made the exchange a really great experience. We got to the final of the business school championship and got to travel to Paris on several occasions.’

‘A must do whilst in Grenoble is to walk up the Bastille. If it’s only done once within your stay there, it is amazing to see the city from another viewpoint and definitely worth the walk.’

Tips for future study abroad students:
‘Another advantageous aspect of the course at Grenoble was 3 hour lectures of French per week and resources within the library to help improve my language skills.’

‘I would recommend that if you’re going to Grenoble you try and learn some conversational French.’

The student associations run partially funded trips throughout the year.

Take a walk up the Bastille whilst at Grenoble– Amazing views and worth the walk.

‘University societies also run trips to the slopes most weekends making trips to the mountains and ski passes extremely cheap.’