School of Business and Economics


Name: Jack Hooper
Degree: BSc Information Management and Business Studies
When: Third year

At the City University of Hong Kong, Jack found that the University provided him with a great choice of modules. He took International Business, Customer Relationship Management, Globalisation and Business, Global Financial Markets and Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers. He did find that the University put a lot of emphasis on group work, with most modules including a group report or presentation and also that some of the modules had a mid or end of semester exam.

‘One thing I would advise is that you go with a mind-set of being flexible and going with the flow of events!’

‘Take every opportunity you can to travel, learn, and to meet people from all over the world, particularly in a place of such cultural diversity.’

‘It [Hong Kong] has everything, from the fast paced hectic lifestyle in the city centre on Hong Kong Island, to the beautiful sandy beaches in the New Territories as well as some fantastic hikes and outdoor activities- it has something to offer for everyone.’

Tips for future exchange students:
‘The university accommodation is of a good standard, with either a shared room or a single room as the options. In the first semester I shared a room with a Chinese student who spoke limited English but it was an experience I would recommend to anyone willing to step out their comfort zone.’

‘In terms of accommodation, make sure you apply early (regularly checking emails), which will guarantee you a place!’

‘Price wise, it is much cheaper than its UK counterparts, around £400 for a shared room, self-catered for the semester’

‘In terms of travel, ensure you have your visa sorted, and if you’re heading anywhere else, make sure you enter with the correct currency, as many countries in Asia make you buy visas at the airport you arrive into.’

‘Another great aspect of Hong Kong is its location, in Asia, being right at the centre. During my nine months abroad, I was able to visit 8 different countries’