School of Business and Economics


Name: Huguette Bukasa
Degree: BSc Information Management and Business Studies
When: Summer School

Huguette was advised that one of the key things employers look for when recruiting graduates is international experience. At this point, Huguette has missed the opportunity to study abroad as her placement year and therefore looked for other opportunities where she could gain international experience.

One of the School of Business and Economics' partner universities, ESSCA, was running a Summer School in Paris for a month, so Huguette decided this was a good opportunity to gain international experience whilst also giving her the opportunity to spend a month of her summer in Paris.

‘Trying to describe my month in Paris is exceedingly difficult because words such as amazing, fun and best time of my life don’t even begin to justify my month abroad’

‘My month in Paris was utterly sensational as I got to really experience the culture and city.’

‘I would really recommend going to anyone who has the opportunity, as there really is nothing like you will ever experience again.’

Tips for future students:
‘University days are very different in France, university started from 9-4’

Huguette found that the Summer School was well organised as she was greeted at the hotel when she first arrived and then taken by the student helpers to the school on her second day.

After lessons, there were often organised trips and walks to Paris and France, which meant that Huguette really got to experience the area.