School of Business and Economics


Name: Anton Valev
Degree:  BSc International Business
When: Third year

Anton found that his Study Abroad experience at the University of Cologne has added to his CV as the university has a great reputation. On arrival the exchange students were paired up with a ‘local buddy’, whose role was to help you settle in by arranging introduction meetings and social events. 

‘There are really not enough words to express how satisfied I am I took the decision to do an exchange in Germany.’

‘Apart from the fun part, you really learn an awful lot about yourself, the astonishing differences between cultures, academic systems as well as another extremely valuable foreign language.’

‘I would strongly recommend the programme to anyone who has the chance to participate. And PLEASE, once you go there, make the best out of it'

Tips for future exchange students
‘The university offers free German language classes, both during the semester and also pre-semester intensive classes. The quality is incredibly high and I could not recommend it more.’


‘Here I definitely made a mistake! So to avoid it, please start looking for a place in halls or a private apartment as soon as you get accepted by the university.’

‘I would definitely recommend you applying for Efferen [student hall]! The Erasmus Paradise!’

The City
Look out for the Karneval – It has a great atmosphere

Your student card acts as a ticket for public transport networks in the whole NRW region which includes places like Bonn, Dortmund and Düsseldorf.