School of Business and Economics


Student profile

Polina Kovaleva, BSc Economics with Politics Finalist

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

I have enjoyed my course primarily due to my fascination with the varied subject matter it has offered – with the degree allowing for ample customisation through its various optional modules. The modules offered within the Economics and Politics degree have given me a unique opportunity to tailor my degree to specialise in my core areas of interest. I was able to choose from a number of finance modules as well as further macro and micro economics modules.

The politics modules have strengthened my writing skills as well as my research and qualitative skills, while economics modules helped me to excel with quantitative and analytical methods. I in particular enjoyed politics tutorials that covered course material in a closer environment.

I think studying two quite different subjects allowed me to appreciate how they overlap as well as broadening my views and allowing me to look at the deeper causes of some economics issues by applying knowledge learned through my politics modules. 

What are you career aspirations and how to you feel your course has prepared you to fulfil these?

Next year I will continue my education by undertaking a postgraduate degree Economics and Strategy. Loughborough prepares you for challenging situations and competitive application processes, therefore when it was time for my interview I was able to perform confidently and professionally.

How do you feel you’ve developed your employability at Loughborough?

My personal development has been promoted through a variety of extra-curricular activities. This year I have been the careers representative for the Politics and History department at Loughborough as well as the programme representative for my course. Both of those roles contributed to my personal development and I gained valuable experience in delivering oral presentations for the committee, which has helped me to refine my communication skills – this was particularly useful for myself given that English is not my mother tongue.

With my desire to participate in as many activities within the School, starting from smaller roles such as leading tours on open days to promote Loughborough experience, to more senior roles such as careers representative, I have thrived in balancing my academic work with my outside activities. This has really taught me how to manage my time in the most efficient way in order to achieve top results in both the academic and extracurricular activities I have undertaken thus far. Taking leadership roles within university has broadened my CV as well as strengthening my profile and potential in competitive application processes.

What would you say to someone considering your course?

I think I would say that if you are looking to challenge yourself by broadening your knowledge in two different subjects, then this course is definitely for you. I loved being able to undertake a variety of assignments across a diverse array of subject matter. I found the course to be really rewarding as the knowledge I acquired over the years is clearly relevant to my areas of interest and can be applied to everyday global economic and political current affairs.