School of Business and Economics


Paolo Tomassetti

Senior Creditor Originator for Deutsche Bank

2000 MSc Economics and Finance

Paolo Tomassetti graduated from his MSc at Loughborough in 2000 and has gone on to work in a range of managerial roles for companies such as ABN AMRO and SF Trust. He now works as a Senior Credit Originator for Deutsche Bank:

"I can certainly say I would not be where I am without my MSc in Economics and Finance from Loughborough. My top class education received in Italy (I graduated 110/110 with laude, top 1pc of University) was indeed not enough to penetrate the market. I needed a special key to open more interesting doors, and the MSc from Loughborough was that key.

Studying at Loughborough was a tremendous experience: I received very close and kind support from the staff (in particular the Programme Director Lawrence Leger, who really helped me in my first semester), and the teaching quality was excellent. The course content was very good and kept up to date and relevant to the needs of the current market and the banking sector. Finally, the incredible campus and sport activity available at Loughborough made the experience even more beautiful."