School of Business and Economics


Michael Parkins‌

MSc Marketing and Management

Having previously studied Automotive Engineering (BEng) I decided to take MSc Marketing and Management at Loughborough University to open up my options and seek a new direction for my future career. Marketing was a discipline that appealed to me and as it was combined with a focus on business strategy, I saw it as being beneficial in whichever direction I wish to go during my career. I chose the School of Business and Economics for its strong reputation and attending an open day helped sway my decision.

The course focuses on broad issues of business management with an emphasis on marketing, whereas my first degree was very technically oriented. Although we did touch on business analysis in my engineering degree, this MSc course is giving me a much broader understanding of how businesses operate.

I am learning how products, employees, consumers and company finances are managed to ensure good organisational performance. More specifically, this course deals with the strategy behind market research, human resource management, accounting, business analysis and marketing. I will conduct my Masters project over the summer, which will involve analysing an organisation of my choice in terms of its strategic marketing potential and putting forward my own recommendations to enhance its performance.

As well as the investment involved, it’s fair to say that a more serious and devoted approach is necessary for postgraduate study, especially on a condensed 12-month course like this. But that’s not to say you can’t have fun at the same time. In fact, I find I’m making more of it as I am that little bit more experienced and I know for sure that this really is my final year of studying.

The plus side is that it adds a weighty string to your bow which should go down well with future employers. Hopefully it also makes us more resourceful and adaptable for our future careers. Another advantage is that it’s a way of meeting new people who will undoubtedly follow different career paths, making for a diverse network of friends. Postgraduate study is expensive and you’re not earning any money in the process, but Loughborough does have postgraduate scholarships available and the investment should pay off for your career.

I’m hoping afterwards to have a job lined up in either marketing or public relations within a car firm and am in the process of applying at the moment.