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Fan Lu

MSc Marketing and Management

Fan Lu's student video

Find out why international student Fan Lu chose to study her postgraduate degree at Loughborough.

This is a transcription of Fan Lu's video, which you can watch in the banner above.

What is your name, degree and country of origin?

My name is Fan Lu, and I come from mainland China. I am doing my degree in marketing and management

How easy was it to settle in as an international student at Loughborough?

When I first came here the house manager provided a lot of stuff, such as a box with a campus map, giffgaff sim cards and some useful information. When I came to campus I found the professors very passionate and the staff here are very friendly. They help me a lot; I have had a good experience here.

Why did you choose your course at Loughborough University?

The course is for people who are from a non-business background, and it's all about the basic both practical and theory so that's what I chose this course.

How does Loughborough compare with your previous institution?

I did a bachelors degree in Engineering when I was in China and it's totally different from what I am doing now. Now I have to study more independently and be proactive, I have lots of coursework where I have to cooperate with others. It's very different from what I learnt in China.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

I think the best part of this programme is about that the module design is step-by-step. For instance, in semester 1 I learnt the basic theory which was easy to understand. Then in semester 2 I had to use what I learnt in semester 1 to do more specific subject study. So I think the module design is very useful and practical.

My favourite module is International Marketing because the professor is very passionate and she is willing to interact with students in lectures. The coursework is also very challenging so I really enjoy it.

How do you think you’ve developed your employability at Loughborough?

Whilst studying at Loughborough you get lots of help with enhancing your employability skills. For example, when I do coursework I have to cooperate with my group members so that I enhance my teamwork skills, and sometimes I am the leader so I enhance my leadership. Apart from this I can get loads of help from Careers Centre, because it provides workshops about how to write CVs and how to practice interviews.

What would you say to someone considering studying your course at Loughborough?

I think if you are from a non-business background and are looking for an opportunity to enhance your knowledge with business theory that is very practical and useful for your future, this is the perfect course for you.