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Alexander Zaman

MSc International Management

Alexander Zaman's student video

Find out why Alexander Zaman prefers Loughborough University to his previous university and what he thinks of our MSc in International Management.

This is a transcription of Alexander Zaman's video

What is your name, degree and country of origin?

My name is Alexander Zaman. I do an MSc in International Management and I am from the UK.

Why did you choose your course at Loughborough University?

I chose to study an MSc at Loughborough because I have always lived in Loughborough since the age of 7 so it was really convenient for me. Also, I saw that Loughborough does really well on the university rankings and I thought it would be a really good opportunity for me.

How does Loughborough compare with your previous institution?

It’s really different from where I did my undergraduate degree. I find the professors are a lot more helpful here and you can go to them a lot more easily if you have any questions. There is also a lot more group work at Loughborough and it really helps you with your teamwork and leadership skills.

What has been the highlight of the programme so far?

The best thing so far is that I became a programme representative and it really helped with getting to know everyone on the course. I've been able to involve all the international students and build relationships with the teachers and really try to help develop the course for the future.

What has been your favourite module?

Last term my favourite module, which I know a lot of the students found, was Marketing Management. I kind of underestimated it before university, but it really allowed you to be more creative and come up with an idea for a rentable electric car for businesses around London and taught you how to best market that. I found it really interesting. 

How do you think you’ve developed your employability?

This term I'm studying a module in Enterprise and Employability. That really helps develop your CV and tailor interview questions to a chosen industry, and also in many of the courseworks you can choose industries that you are interested in that could help you with future employment so it’s been really good for that.

What would you say to someone considering studying your course?

I would say definitely apply to come and study at Loughborough; there’s loads of great opportunities for  you. It’s also really good fun as well; you’ll make loads of friends and you’ll gain a lot more information about management in general as well as developing yourself in terms of your personality as well.