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Dr Seyoung Park

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Lecturer in Finance

Seyoung Park joined School of Business and Economics in July 2017. He obtained PhD in Investment/Risk Management at Pohang University of Science and Technology and BSc in Mathematics at Yonsei University. He had worked for the Credit Finance Association of Korea as a research associate for one year after his PhD. Next, he had worked for the Risk Management Institute of National University of Singapore for one year.

Seyoung’s research focuses on financial investment and risk management. In particular, it includes asset pricing, optimal consumption and investment, pension/insurance/retirement, etc. He is particularly interested in developing finance models to resolve practical issues in incomplete markets.

Seyoung currently teaches Accounting and Finance in Context, Financial Derivatives at Loughborough University.

Seyoung’s research interests include Theoretical and Empirical Finance. He has special research interests in Portfolio Theory, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, and Incomplete Markets. He has applied his experties to the areas of Insurance, Pension, and Retirement. He is also familiar with the field of Financial Engineering/Mathematical Finance.

More recently, he is developing finance science models to resolve practical issues in incomplete markets. He considers the case where individuals struggle to handle future worst-case scenarios just as forced unemployment event and a significant reduction in expected retirement benefits. Also, he considers the serious situation where individuals are considered credit constrained.

Seyoung develops the finance theory to be used as a complement to our understanding of richer, typically analytically or numerically solved, models of consumption, investment, and retirement. Many interesting extensions to the developed theory should be relatively tractable for the study of policy questions and sound financial advice in insurance, pension, and retirement.

Currently, Seyoung is involved in the research project entitled “Financial Planning for Natural Disasters: The Case of Flooding Risk in Central Java (FloodFinJava).” It is funded by Natural Environment Research Council and Economics & Social Research Council. He is building capacity in his local partners for (i) financial planning of response to flooding disaster and (ii) assessing the use of financial instruments to reduce their exposure and that of their communities to flooding losses. He is joining the project as a Co-Investigator.