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Professor Max Gillman PhD, MA, BA

Photo of Professor Max Gillman

Hayek Professor of Economic History

Professor, University of Missouri at St. Louis, August 2013 to present; Hayek Chair of Economic History.

Senior Researcher, Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Science, January 2013 to December 2016, on basis of grant (Czech Science Foundation grant GACR 13-34096S); currently named Researcher 2017.

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, since 2005; contract ongoing, but year to year, basis to teach Monetary Economics MA/PHD.

Research Associate, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of the Sciences, November 2003 to present; honorary.

Editorial Board, Danube Law and Economics Review, Brno, Czech Republic; 2011 to present.

Advisory Board, Centre for Economic Growth and Policy (CEGAP), Durham University, 2009 to present.

Fellow, Euro Area Business Cycle Network; 2004 to present.

Monetary Policy, business cycles, growth, inflation, banking and international trade.