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Dr Helen (Tianjiao) Xia PhD, Aston University

Photo of Dr Helen (Tianjiao) Xia

Lecturer in Innovation

Helen’s current research lies in three main areas: (1) alliances, absorptive capacity and competitive advantage within the open innovation paradigm, (2) comparisons of SME innovation strategies and government policies in the US and European knowledge based industries (i.e. the biotechnology industry), (3) emerging science and technology based industries (i.e. the photovoltaics, fuel cell, tissue engineering, etc.), with a focus on new product development (NPD) process, finance and government support for SMEs in these industries. In addition, she has a particular interest in NPD funnel management.

She welcomes potential PhD candidates with particular interests in these areas, and ideally with a certain level of quantitative knowledge.

Journal publications

Xia, T. and Roper, S. Forthcoming "Unpacking open innovation: Absorptive capacity, exploratory and exploitative openness and the growth of entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical firms", Journal of Small Business Management.

Xia,T, 2012 Absorptive capacity and openness of small biopharmaceutical firms: a European-United States comparison, R&D Management: 1-18.

Meyer, K. and Xia, T. 2012 British entrepreneurs – Global visions. Business Strategy Review (2012) June Issue.

Xia, T. and Roper, S. 2009 Worlds apart? A comparison of the new product development strategies of biopharmaceutical firms in Europe and the USA. Industry and Innovation 16: 593-612.

Xia, T. and Roper, S. 2008 From capability to connectivity—Absorptive capacity and exploratory alliances in biopharmaceutical firms: A US–Europe comparisonTechnovation 28(11): 776–785

Book chapters

Xia, T. and Minshall, T. understanding patterns and promotions of public and private investments in emerging science and technology based industries. In Okay,R., During, W. and Kauser, S. New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium (2012), Elsevier Science Ltd. Kidlington, Oxford.