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Dr Chloe Vitry BSc, MSc, PhD,

Photo of Dr Chloe Vitry

Research Associate in Management and Organisation Studies

Critical management studies; materiality; innovation studies; organisational learning

My main research interests revolve around theories of socio-materiality, such as actor-network theory, which I have used through a range of varied case studies - from local government to the construction industry – to investigate how innovations travel and how materiality and affect are involved in this process.

With a background in Economics, I completed a PhD in Management in December of 2014. I studied the learning processes connected to innovations in local governance, in France and Morocco, specifically focusing on the materiality involved in the process. This research was part of an international research project called DAUME, focused on analysing the modes of integration of agriculture within Mediterranean urban systems.

I currently work on the ESRC project “Making the zero-carbon standard home: Understanding project-firm innovation in UK house building”, a two year project ending in May 2017, collaborating with three large organisations from the construction industry. Our goal is to study how innovations travel within organisations across projects to provide insight to the housebuilding industry through reports, presentations of research outputs, and workshops.

In terms of teaching, I have been contributing to modules on Organisation Studies, Sociology of Work and Introduction to Management.