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Professor Bruce Kaufman

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Professor Kaufman is a Professor at the Department of Economics, Georgia State University (Atlanta) and is also a Visiting Professor at Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics.

Professor Kaufman obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1978. His specialty areas of research and teaching include: Labor Economics; Industrial Relations; Human Resource Management; and Institutional and Behavioral Economics.

Kaufman’s research interests include labor markets, human resource management systems, employee representation, history of economic and management thought, labor and employment law, behavioral economics, and institutional economics. He has published numerous scholarly articles and has edited or written 16 books. Among them are The Origins and Evolution of the Field of Industrial Relations in the United States (winner of the 1992 “Best Book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations” prize); The Global Evolution of Industrial Relations (selected as among “Best of the Best” by American Library Association); Nonunion Employee Representation: History Contemporary Practice and Policy (with Daphne Taras); What Do Unions Do? A Twenty Year Perspective (with James Bennett); and The Economics of the Labor Market, 7th ed. (with Julie Hotchkiss). His two most recent books are Managing the Human Factor: The Early Years of Human Resource Management in American Industry (nominated for “Best Book in Labor Studies” prize) and Hired Hands or Human Resources? Case Studies of HRM Practices and Programs in Early American Industry.

Kaufman is co-editor of the annual research volume Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations; past president of the University Council of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Programs, past president of the Atlanta chapter of the Industrial Relations Research Association, and co-chair of the IR Theory Study Group of the International Industrial Relations Association. In 2009 he received the “Excellence in Teaching” award from the Andrew Young School; he also received the “Alumni Distinguished Professor” award – the highest honor given each year to a GSU faculty member. Kaufman is also a Research Fellow with Griffith University (Brisbane, AU) and a Visiting Professor with Loughborough University (Leicestershire, UK).

Recent Publications

“The Theoretical Foundation of Industrial Relations and Its Implications for Labor Economics and Human Resource Management,” Industrial and Labor Relations Review (forthcoming, 2010).

“Theorizing the Firm’s Demand for Human Resource Management Practices,” International Journal of Human Resource Management (forthcoming, 2010).

“Institutional Economics and the Minimum Wage: Broadening the Theoretical and Policy Debate,” Industrial and Labor Relations Review (forthcoming, 2010).

“Labor Law and Employment Regulation: Institutional and Neoclassical Perspectives,” in K. Dau-Schmidt, Seth Harris, and Orly Lobel, eds., Labor and Employment Law and Economics. Northamton: Edward Elgar, 2009, 3-58.

“The Development of the Human Resource Management Field in Historical and International Perspective.” In P. Boxall, J. Purcell and P. Wright, eds., International Handbook of Human Resource Management (2007), pp. 19-47. London” Oxford University Press.